Client Testimonials for Mold Inspection & Testing Services


“Robert made a timely and professional visit to our home to do a mold inspection. He went several steps beyond what we expected, educating us on mold prevention etc.”
– Anne P., Carlsbad, CA


“After we closed escrow on our home we discovered we had a mold issue that was not entirely disclosed upfront. Upon researching many inspectors I went with Robert because he had great reviews, was very affordable and was incredibly knowledgeable when we spoke on the phone.

During our initial inspection Robert realized he had inspected the home twice in years past. He found spores throughout the house during our inspection and given his knowledge of the home’s past we were able to sway the sellers into reimbursing us for the inspection, remediation and necessary repairs.

Robert knew we had been taken advantage of and was prepared to go-to-bat for us if needed. He was thorough and extremely knowledgeable. Mold is a sensitive issue and I was worried throughout the process, but Robert gave us many suggestions and put my mind at ease.”
– Kelly L., San Diego, CA


“Robert Armstrong is the real deal. His experience and expertise in mold inspections places him at the top of his industry. His reporting is concise and informative. Always going the extra mile for his clients Robert has proven himself as a leader in his field. To me he is unquestioned authority in mold inspections.”
– Eric E., Lakeside, CA


“Robert is honest and really good at what he does. He responded quickly to communications with me, was very friendly and helpful, he was super patient with all my questions (he actually seemed to enjoy answering them), he scheduled the testing quickly, explained the testing process and results thoroughly, and was very reasonably priced. I am confident he performed thorough testing and provided me accurate results. This was a huge relief!

In a world were customer service is severely lacking and customers often get overcharged, hiring Robert was a pleasant surprise and a very positive experience. If I ever need him again I will contact him in a heartbeat. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of his services.”
– Heather V., Carlsbad, CA


“Robert from EZ Mold has always been great to work with. He knows his business, will guide you on what to do, what to expect and explain any test results in a language that is understandable. His prices are reasonable, his service is timely and he is always the first call we make when looking for mold inspections or mold testing.”
– Race B., Escondido, CA


“Robert was incredibly thorough with the investigation. The passion he has for his work was immediately obvious because he spent a significant amount of time educating me and my tenant before, during, and after the investigation. Having gone through this with two other investigators, Robert was by far the best!”
– Kevin H., San Diego, CA


“Robert was incredibly knowledgeable and professional. It can be a bit stressful when you’re worried about the health of your household, but he gave us great advice and an expeditious report. I would definitely recommend him to anyone concerned with any air quality issues in your home.”
– Michael M., Poway, CA


“I was concerned that the home I was about to purchase might have mold problems. I couldn’t be happier with the great inspection that Robert Armstrong performed, and he also fully explained the very detailed report I received. Fabulous customer service provided by Robert, and he answered all of the questions I had after I read the comprehensive mold report. Thank you so much for the outstanding service!! I will definitely recommend this company to anyone who needs a similar inspection.”
– Kathie H., San Diego, CA


“I worked with Robert on several home owner situations involving water intrusion and mold. He is very responsive and professional. I like the fact they are not involved with remediation but rather a testing company that can give you an unbiased analysis of mold levels inside the home. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for quick response and timely analysis.”
– Dana H., Cardiff, CA


“Robert was professional and personable and his testing was thorough. He was able to give me all the information I needed along with recommendations on how to abate the allergens in my house. I really appreciated his honesty and integrity.

There were no indications of mold and he didn’t feel it was necessary to do an in-depth test which saved me some money. But he did feel there were allergens so he tested thoroughly for those. I followed up with allergy tests and it turns out I am allergic to the exact stuff he found. Now I’m getting the right treatment.

I’m happy to recommend Robert and his company to anyone who wants thorough, professional and dependable service.”
– Wende W., Carlsbad, CA


“Robert was very thorough and walked me through the entire mold inspection of our house. He answered all of my questions and was patient and personable. So appreciative of his help! Would definitely count on him for help in future.”
– Stacy K., San Diego, CA


“Robert isn’t just a mold tester, he is committed to your health and welfare, his dedication is evident in how he proceeds. He has been in the business for years and knows how to collect the spores, read the data once the report is back from the lab and he knows you’re waiting for it.

When Robert delivered my data, a conversation ensued. This is where it was perfectly clear that Robert was not just a mold inspector. We discussed the results, he listened, and then asked me pertinent questions about my initial physical reactions at the location of the mold. As a result, I remembered my previous intense allergy to one of the prominent molds he found.”
– Mary G., Carlsbad, CA


“WOW!!! Robert is definitely a throwback to the way things used to be. Informative, helpful, professional and compassionate to your individual situation. He was about as candid as anyone can get! He lined me up on a cost effective solution.”
– Nate B., San Diego, CA


“My wife and I had suspected we had a mold problem in our home, but like many people, we were reluctant to call an “expert” after hearing so many horror stories about “mold scams”. After we began experiencing some unusual health issues, we couldn’t wait any longer to get some answers.

Robert is one of those rare people who really provides exceptional customer service. He scheduled an appointment that was very convenient for us…and then arrived at our home on time. He was friendly and courteous…and answered every question I threw at him. In about 24 hours we received a call from Robert and an email with a comprehensive report of findings. After Robert reviewed the report with us, we were relieved to discover that our issues were pollen related, rather than mold…which was a huge relief.”
– Jonathan Z., Poway, CA


“Robert was very informative, friendly and very supportive of my mold situation. Robert offered me any help I needed from him to get my landlord to clean up the mold since he refuses. Thank you so much!”
– Kristen T., Temecula, CA


“Bought a 70-year old house this year that hadn’t been maintained for the last 60. Between the smoking, hoarding, and water damage that went on there it looked disgusting. My wife and most sane people wouldn’t even go in there. Robert was the first person that saw the potential and what testing needed to be done to make sure it was safe to work on.

He searched the entire house to sample areas that were most likely to be problematic. His testing showed that stuff on the walls was nasty but not dangerous. If he had told me that the place needed full-scale remediation it would have been hard to argue with him, but instead he honestly told me I just needed a massive clean-up.”
– Ray B., San Diego, CA


“Robert was very professional, reasonably-priced, and very efficient (super-quick results!). He provided practical advice, explaining the results with us.”
– Meredith G., Rancho Santa Fe, CA


“Robert is terrific. He did a mold inspection in our house after we had some water damage. He is courteous, professional, and seems to be incredibly knowledgeable. He is also always happy to take the time to explain things and answer my many questions. I learned a tremendous amount from talking to him. I will definitely call him if I ever have future mold problems.”
– Douglas J., San Diego, CA


“We had a water leak in a rental property we own in Poway. We were very concerned about any possible mold issues that may have been lurking in the walls due to the amount of water damage we had in the home. Robert was very responsive, knowledgeable and honest in his response and assessment of our property.

As we live out of state, he could have easily overstated or oversold the state of our property… he did not and his assessment was truly appreciated and we and our tenants can have peace of mind that mold will not be an issue for us after the stress of the rest of the water damage. I would highly recommend Robert to anyone who has any type of mold or allergen concerns in their home.”
– Angela C., Gulf Shores, AL (mold inspection in Poway, CA)


“I am a real estate agent representing my buyers on a transaction and they requested to use Robert as their inspector. I was very impressed on how diligent Robert was with performing the inspection. He even came back after seller had completed the repairs to make sure they were done properly!

He truly cares about making sure people know what type of condition of home they are getting themselves into. I’m happy my clients used him because I can trust that they are getting the home they deserve. I will be recommending him to future clients as well!”
– Nicole K., Spring Valley, CA


“We are a large construction company and Real Estate firm and anytime we run into a mold issue with our renovations we call Robert. His service is outstanding and quick. Time is of the essence in our business and we can count on Robert to get a mold report to us fast. These reports have given our buyers and seller great comfort that any mold issue has been dealt with. Robert is knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to do business with.”
– Art H., San Diego, CA


“After dealing with 3 mold remediation providers and over a month of delays in my remodeling, finding Robert online was an incredible relief and a blessing. I finally felt like I was hearing an educated person provide facts and not some 20-something trying to sell me a used car.

During my remodel, after I discovered mold on my bathroom walls, I removed all the sheetrock and then had 3 separate companies come out to “test” for any remaining issues. All 3 surprisingly found problems and I was shocked at the range of fanciful solutions offered to “fix” the supposed lingering mold issues. They ranged from blowing an expensive fan across a small area for several days into the adjacent room all the way to ripping out kitchen cabinets and walls requiring hazmat suits and $150 just to “decontaminate” workers’ tools. Robert spent over an hour evaluating my unit and found nothing of concern!

The mold remediation business is quite a racket. Don’t be fooled by “experts” with their expensive meters and their tricks to get the meter to flash red warning lights. Robert has been in this business for over 20 years, get an educated professional who understands the science behind microbial growth and can scientifically test for it. He only tests and thus has no conflict of interest in providing expensive remediation services when they are not warranted. Thank you Robert for running a business with integrity!”
– Bob M., San Diego, CA


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